Sell & Save On MLS® by Paying A Flat Fee Real Estate Commission

This seller listed 99 Stapleton Drive - a bungalow in Toronto, with Arthur Kozlowski a flat fee commission Real Estate Broker & REALTOR® with One Percent Realty Ltd. in Toronto, sold in just 10 days with multiple offers, and saved $19,4001 over a traditional commission, not including bonus HST savings.

That's a lot of money!

Here is what the seller had to say:
"Like others, I wondered whether listing agents from One Percent Realty were as good as those from full service brokers. But after meeting and working with Arthur, he proved that the agent, and not just the company, delivers quality service. His replies to my questions were up-front and honest. He got the listing on MLS/ the same night, He was ultra-responsive for all house showings. He also showed sensitivity and patience for a senior currently living in the home. I also wondered if buying agents expecting a 2.5% commission might hesitate about dealing with One Percent Realty. Or if they thought that because the owner is saving on commissions they would come in with a lower offer. The market speaks. Our property sold in 10 days at 98% of list. That put all those hesitations to rest! But there is one big difference - we saved over twenty thousand dollars in commission fees! I recommend Arthur and One Percent Realty wholeheartedly. " - Mark R.

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